About us

Welcome to NOSMA cabbage cleaning technology. My name is Norbert Basten, master vegetable grower. My family and I were cabbage growers for many years and know the cabbage business very well.

Our NOSMA cabbage cleaning machine has been developed from practical experience. It treats cabbage like "raw eggs" and cleans only as much leaves as you want or need. All this completely damage-free!  The development of our NOSMA cabbage cleaning machine started in 2001 in our horticultural company. After several years of tinkering, the machine was patented by me and in 2008/2009 a machine builder was found for series production, which completed the first series machine for Agritechnica 2009. First sales took place after the Agritechnica.

NOSMA cabbage cleaning machines as well as complete cleaning lines are now used by farmers, gardeners, processors ect all over the world and this to the complete satisfaction of our customers. NOSMA cabbage cleaners have been specially designed for the preparation of storage cabbage (white/red cabbage) for the fresh market in our company. Of course, cleaning of industrial cabbage and even of already stalked cabbage is also possible. Gentle and careful cleaning and handling of the cabbage was and is our highest priority. We know what we are talking about and can advise you individually from practical experience.

NOSMA cabbage cleaning machines are also partly in use for cleaning radicchio as well as vegetable onions.

In addition to the proven NOSMA cabbage cleaning machines, our sales program also includes conveyors, crate tilters in any size or dimension, packing tables as well as size and weight graders. We complete NOSMA cabbage cleaning machines to complete cabbage cleaning lines. On request we also supply stump drilling machines as well as coal separating machines.

Furthermore, NOSMA also supplies manual, complete cabbage cleaning lines. In this case, the stalk is manually cut and the cabbage is also manually defoliated / cleaned under air nozzles.

NOSMA is a full-service provider in the field of cabbage cleaning and processing.