Cabbage sorting weighing

Furthermore, NOSMA offers you a complete sorting and weighing technology for your cleaned headed cabbage. Different sorting in minimum 50 grams intervals are possible here. Hourly output in about 3000 pieces of cabbage.

This sorting can also be used for pumpkins.

By default we offer four grades on our packing table or in our line. However, more or less are also possible.

Our NOSMA cabbage cleaning lines are manufactured on customer's request both completely hot-dip galvanized and made of stainless steel. Complete lines are "made to measure", i.e. they are adapted to the space conditions in your plant.

Cabbage sorting by volume

NOSMA cabbage cleaning line built according to customer's requirements. The cabbage is sorted by size/volume over four sorting rollers (only two to be seen on the pictures).The packing table is divided into four sections. Above the packing table there is a return belt which leads the cabbage to the NOSMA cabbage cleaner.

All conveyor belts are adjustable in height and partly in inclination. The infeed belt to the cleaning machine and the sorting belt are frequency controlled. Cleaning waste is disposed of in a large box. Rubber linings, which protect the cabbage from damage, are not yet visible in the pictures.

Pictures of a plaster line ready for delivery. This cleaning line was sold to a farm in Canada / Quebec.