NOSMA Cabbage cleaning technique

About us

Welcome to NOSMA cabbage cleaning technology. My name is Norbert Basten , master vegetable grower. My family and I were cabbage growers for many years and know the cabbage business very well.

Our NOSMA cabbage cleaning machine has been developed from practical experience. It treats cabbage like "raw eggs" and cleans only as much leaves as you want or need. All this completely damage-free! The development of our NOSMA cabbage cleaning machine began in 2001 in our horticultural company.

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NOSMA cabbage cleaner

NOSMA - cabbage cleaners are specially designed for the preparation of storage cabbage (white cabbage/red cabbage) for the fresh market. Of course also suitable for cleaning industrial cabbage. Gentle and careful cleaning or handling of the cabbage was and is our highest development criterion.
In order to create a better working environment, the cabbage cleaning machine can be equipped with sound insulation. NOSMA is also used in the cabbage processing industry, especially in sauerkraut factories.

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Cabbage sorting and weighing

Furthermore, NOSMA offers you a complete sorting and weighing technology for your cleaned headed cabbage.

Different sortings in minimum 50 grams intervals are possible here. Hourly output in about 3000 pieces of cabbage.

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Manual cleaning lines

NOSMA also offers you the tried and tested manual manual cleaning lines.
Such cleaning lines can be extended as required or, of course, arranged differently, in short, they can be planned individually for each operation. These cleaning lines are available in galvanized or stainless steel.

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