NOSMA Cabbage Cleaner

Before the development of NOSMA©, cabbage cleaning was pure manual labor and very labor cost intensive. This is a thing of the past now. Our NOSMA© cabbage cleaners were specially designed for preparing stored cabbage (white/red cabbage) for the fresh market. Of course, the cleaning of industrial cabbage is also possible. Gentle and careful cleaning
or treatment of the cabbage was and is our top priority for development. This has been realized with NOSMA© cabbage cleaning machines. Convince yourself!

NOSMA cabbage cleaner for full automatically cleaning of white and red cabbage for the fresh market and of course also for industrial cabbage. NOSMA cabbage cleaner work 100%
gentle without any cabbage damage.The performance is more than 10 to/hours. NOSMA cabbage cleaners have been designed specifically for processing winter cabbage (white
cabbage/red cabbage) for the fresh market. Of course, they are also suitable for cleaning industrially grown cabbage. Gentle and careful cleaning and processing of the cabbage was and is our supreme development criterion.

Technical data

Machine width

Machine length

Machine height
from 1950mm to max. 2350mm (height adjustable)

Fan power
7,5kW (optional from 5 to 11kw)

Power conveyor motor
1,5kw, 380-500V

Number of nozzles
6 to 10 (standard)

Conveying speed
0 - 30m/minute (infinitely variable)

Flow rate
10to and more per hour

Stainless steel

You can order NOSMA in 2 versions: Steanless steel and galvanized.

Profile roller function

Two profiled rollers (cleaning rollers) turning in the same direction simultaneously rotate the cabbage and convey it through the cleaning unit. The profiled rollers are rubberised so that the cabbage is not damaged at all. We have selected the very best hardness of roller coating and worm conveyor.

Frequency control

The speed of the cleaning and conveyor rollers can be adjusted steplessly by a frequency controller. Cabbage with fine and coarse leaf structure is thus cleaned guaranteed gently and cleanly. Also frequency controlled is the blower.

Cleaning roller adjuster

The distance between the cleaning rollers can be adjusted by means oft the studs (slot), thus adapting it tot he relevant cabbage size. Small cabbage cleaning rollers are closer together and large cabbage cleaning rollers are more far apart.

Nozzle section

There is a rotary and fully angle-adjustable nozzle section with adjustable cleaning nozzles above the cleaning rollers. This section blows off the cabbage leaves separated from the stalk. The adjustable nozzle diameter incorporating a nozzle flap means that the air pressure can also be adjusted. The nozzle section and the nozzles can thus be set individually to the cabbages to be cleaned.

Cabbage guide plate

There are two so-called cabbage guide plates attached at the inside right and inside left of the cleaning machine. These can be adjusted by means of screws. The cabbage guide plates (rubberised) serve the purpose of optimum guidance of the headed cabbage through the cleaning machine.


The cleaning rollers are driven by an electric motor with an output of 1,5kW. The speed can be regulated by means of a frequency controller and/or smaller or larger V-belt pulleys.

Nosma© cabbage cleaning systems can be individually adapted to your business needs.
We will be happy to answer your inquiries at any time.

Complete your cleaning system:

  • with a packing table including automatic weight sorter
  • a cabbage crate tipping device (the cabbage is not damage)!
  • and much more

Invest in your future!